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Kid’s Optical

East Memphis Optometry Welcomes “Tomato Glasses” – Specialized Glasses for Kids

Tomato Glasses provide:

  • Tomato Glasses logoShape Intelligence – The Tomato Active frame is made of a shape intelligence material. If kids play with it and twist it, the original shape comes back as if nothing happened.
  • Resilience – Because of the elastic resistance, when press is applied to the temple (ear piece) the initial position is automatically restored.
  • Adjustable – Tomato Active glasses are adjustable to perfectly fit the specific needs of children.
  • Weight – Tomato Active glasses are lightweight, weighing less than 8.0g. The lightness of the glasses increases comfort.
  • Nosepad Design – With it’s unique nosepad designed for babies and kids, Tomato Active glasses reduce sliding significantly when a child jumps or runs.

Choosing Eyeglass Frames for Children

According to statistics, approximately one out of five children need to wear glasses to see accurately. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get children to wear glasses for one of several reasons. Children can find glasses uncomfortable, “uncool” and unstylish, or too fragile for an active life.

Fortunately, there are strong, comfortable, stylish frames now made for children. These glasses not only improve vision, but they look great. These are some of the things you should look for when buying eyeglass frames for your child:

The right fit

A comfortable, correct fit is essential for children’s glasses. The frames should not be too big or too small, too close to the cheekbone and not higher than the eyebrow. The frames should fit the face well, and not be wider than the face itself. In general, the smaller the frames the easier it is for a child to forget about them, and not mind wearing them. However, they need to be large enough so that your child can see easily in all directions. An eye specialist needs to help fit the glasses, because the middle of the glasses needs to be adjusted to directly correspond to the middle of the pupils of the eye. Even small fitting errors can lead to much less effective vision correction. Parents should resist any urge to buy glasses that are a bit large for their children to grow into.

Sports Glasses

Sports can be particularly challenging for children who need to wear glasses. Glasses tend to slip and slide with strong movements. Special sports glasses for children are available, that are made entirely out of plastic, with temples that don’t include hinges. These glasses include an elastic strap for the head that helps make sure the glasses stay in place.

Include your child

The most important part of choosing eyeglasses, is choosing them with your child. Include your child in the choice of glasses, among styles that are suitable. If your child likes the way the glasses look and feel, there is a much better chance that your child will actually wear them. When children wear their glasses they are more successful at everything that they do, both casual activities like sports and games, and learning activities at school.

Bring your child to East Memphis Optometry where our focus is on your family’s eyecare needs.