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About East Memphis Optometry

East Memphis Optometry offers top-notch optometry services to meet your eye care needs. Whether you're looking for basic eye exams, treatment for dry eye syndrome, or are worried about your current eye health, Dr. Wallace and the rest of our team is here for you. Our dedicated staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the eye care you need to maintain optimal vision and eye health for years to come.

Receive Eye Care Services from Professionals in Memphis 

East Memphis Optometry is a locally owned and independent optometry office. Located in the Eastgate Shopping Center, this is a convenient place for personalized treatment. Our eye doctor and staff members at our office work hard to ensure that patients get the care needed to maintain their eye health and prevent potential eye-related issues from occurring.  

Regular Appointments and Emergency Assistance

We schedule appointments for new and returning patients. In addition, we see patients on an emergency basis. If something occurs that affects your vision or anything else regarding your eye health, feel free to call us and visit our office for quick assistance. The faster you receive professional care, the better chances you have to prevent the issue from worsening. 

Personalized Care Guaranteed 

Not every person with particular eye issues is the same. That's why we make it a point to get to know each patient, determine their ongoing issues, and watch out for warning signs with a personalized approach. You'll be able to get the examinations, procedures, and treatments that keep your eyes in the best possible health.

Not only do we provide eye exams, but we also monitor for other common issues. For instance, many individuals develop eye strain and similar problems from looking at computers and other screens for long periods of time. We can figure out if this is the case for you and tell you about some techniques that can improve your eye health, even if you have to use computers for work. If you have a serious eye problem and our optometrist decides that surgery is the best option for treating it, we offer pre and post-surgical care to ensure an optimal recovery.  

Contact Us for Eye Care from Our Optometry Team in Memphis  

Contact us to learn more about the various eye care services we have to offer at East Memphis Optometry. We're happy to answer any questions and put your worries to rest. Taking care of your eyes and vision is incredibly important, so you want to trust only in true professionals like Dr. Wallace and our team. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help. 


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